A Real Man

You flex your muscles

And the girls all swoon

And your self image

Is over the moon

Inflated ego

And perfected tan

You are the perfect

Neanderthal man

You think that women

Are your private toys

Just one more thing to

Show off to the boys

The mindless bimbos

That you squire around

When you're on the beach

And out on the town

Are perfect partners

For the likes of you

Because their image

Is self centered too

I'll have to admit

That it is a sight

Bodies beautiful

Together at night

But you're arrogant

And self absorbed too

You expect all eyes

To be glued to you

You have not an ounce

Of humility

Your whole creed in life

Is, "Hey, look at me!"

Well, let me tell you

I've looked, and big deal

Give me somebody

Who knows how to feel

Who knows how to love

And how to give too

Give me a real man

And just forget you

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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