Each day at work

I tow the line

Follow the rules

Always on time

Prim and proper

Reserved and nice

Don't rock the boat

Nary a vice

But when I leave

That place each day

The real, true me

Comes out to play

I'm nothing like

They think I am

I'm wild and feral

I play and scam

No one owns me

Though many try

I have my fun

Then say goodbye

I tempt and tease

I play around

Allow no one

To tie me down

I'm night and day

I'm fire and ice

When I'm at work

I'm oh, so nice

But the real me

Is something else

Untamed and free

That's my true self

But I can't be

Me all the time

I have to tow

The "good girl" line

At least I do

From nine til five

It's afterwards

I come alive

Terri Lyn Stanfield



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