Crossing Paths

Each day on my run

I see you there

Enjoying the sun

Without a care

You nod as I pass

I do the same

But no more than that

Like some child's game

I always look back

I have to see

If you are still there

Looking at me

And you always are

Yes, every time

You're looking my way

Your eyes meet mine

And I fight the urge

To turn around

To see if we have

Some common ground

Then when I get home

I think of you

And wish that I had

Just carried through

So today I plan

To do just that

To at least say hi

Perhaps to chat

You're in the same place

And as I near

I slow to a walk

My intent clear

You rise to meet me

I stop and smile

You ask me to sit

And talk a while

The hours fly by

And we both know

That we're in love

At last, and so

We leave together

Each thankful for

Crossing paths and love

Forever more

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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