A Cry In The Night

Is anyone out there? Is anyone listening?
Tonight it seems as if I'm alone in all the world
My voice echoes back to me on the evening breeze
No one hears me as I cry, no one shares my pain
I'm left alone to battle my inner demons
They claw at my soul, shredding it bit by bit
Gaining purchase with each rake of their talons
I have no strength to fight their atack
I have nowhere to hide that they will not find me
Their screams reverberate inside my brain, mixing with
my own
They give me no respite, constantly torturing my spirit
They have free rein in the darkness, and sunrise is
eons away
Will I live to see it, or will they devour all that is
left of me?
Is there anyone out there? Is anyone listening?
Or am I really alone?

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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