Davis Family Christmas

The month of December is magic for me
It's the time of year when folks all agree
To be kind and loving to their fellow man
And they're eager to help however they can

All year long I look forward to December
When my fam'ly will meet, down to a member
And we'll laugh, and we'll fight; most of all we'll love
And give thanks for blessings sent down from above

My fam'ly gathers just this one time all year
We share in the fellowship of Christmas cheer
But my fam'ly is very rough and tumble
When we get together, it resembles a rumble

We have a bonfire and shoot pretty fireworks
And we dodge bottle rockets with twists and jerks
Yes we laugh and we fight with equal pleasure
We test new additions to get their measure

But underneath all the rough housing and jokes
We're a tight, loving fam'ly of country folks
We stick together, one for all, all for one
And we know everything was just meant in fun

So Christmas, for me, is fam'ly and laughter
And warm, fuzzy feelings that stay long after
Though trees, gifts and tinsel may all disappear
I know that they'll return once again next year

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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