We've been together so long, too long perhaps

There is no more romance, little laughter

You take me for granted; we go through the motions

And I am slowly fading away into nothingness

As I tell you this now, there is little more than disinterest in your eyes

And any guilt I've felt for what I'm about to say disappears

There is someone else in my life now

Someone who loves me and appreciates me

Someone who makes me feel like a woman

Something you haven't done for a long time

I stand here waiting for some sort of reaction from you

You just look at me, and go back to reading your paper

If you can so easily dismiss me from your life

Then I can only be joyous in the leaving of it

As I walk out the door, you don't even look up

And as the door closes, it feels as if a weight has lifted from my shoulders

And I walk into my new life with a light heart, an unburdened soul

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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