Eternally Inseparable

You stay there, at the edge of my consciousness
When I reach out to you, you fade away
Yet when I busy myself with other things
You are there, overshadowing every thought

I see your face clearly in my dreams every night
But during my waking hours, you're only a vague silhouette
As I sleep, I hear you speak with the voice of an angel
And the echoes of your words reverberate inside my head

I know the day will come when I will look up...and into your eyes
For we are surely destined to meet, for the first time, once again
To share this life as we have shared countless others
For it is not dreams that I have at night...but memories

Memories of the lives we have shared in centuries past
Of love that has never waned, though the relationships may have differed
We've been lovers, friends, parent and child
Yet always together, inseparable through the passage of time

So I wait...knowing not the day, but certain of the outcome
One day we'll meet and my dreams will become reality once more
And we will walk hand in hand through this life, sharing laughter and love
Knowing, without question, it is but one more chapter in our neverending story

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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