Faith In Love

You've sucked me dry

You've drained my soul

I've had enough

Now you must go

I'll start again

Some way, some how

I won't be used

It's my turn now

I'll find someone

Who'll think I'm great

Who'll treat me right

Make no mistake

I don't need this

I don't need you

You broke my heart

But I'll get through

I'll love again

Oh yes, I will

I'll trust again

You didn't kill

My faith in love

Or my belief

In happiness

Despite my grief

It may take time

But that's OK

Because I know

There'll come a day

When I'll look back

With no regret

For ending this

With you, and yet

It's true, today

My heart's in pain

But this I know

Your loss; my gain

I'll come through this

Wiser, stronger

Not beaten down

Any longer

So in a way

I owe you thanks

For giving me

Another chance

To have a life

Like I dreamed of

Happy, married

And lost in love

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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