Can you feel it?

What makes a great piece of writing?
Is it the rhythm of the words?
The way one flows into another?
Is it the cadence of a poem?
The way one line matches one previous?
Is it the passion that is felt by the author?
Or the inflection we give the work as we read it?
Is it the way we get caught up in the storyline?
And the ability to escape into it,
At least for the time it takes to read the work.
It's all of these things.
And the ability to open ourselves up to a whole new
To feel the words come to life.
And to become, in the world of fantasy,
The person we dare not be in reality.
But only when we can feel in the reading of it,
What the author felt in the writing of it,
Is it truly a magical experience.

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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