Finals Phobia

The time for finals 
Has quickly arrived
And today's the day
Please let me survive

My head is throbbing
My palms sweaty
There's no turning back
But am I ready?

I've studied so much
I must know it all
Of course, if I don't
I'll be back next fall

I've spent lots of time
Just hitting the books
Gone over the notes
Painstakingly took

I know all the dates
The formulas, too
If my mind goes blank
Just what will I do?

All of this data
Running round my brain
Might just disappear
Oh heavens, the strain

OK, get a grip
How bad can it be
I know the answers
I do! Wait and see!

After all the time
Devoted to school
It comes down to this
I won't play the fool

I have done my part
Studied hard and learned
This education
Has surely been earned

Who am I kidding?
I've gotta admit
When it comes to tests
I feel like a twit

I hate taking tests
My stress level's maxed
And that's how I'll stay
Til my grades come back

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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