Forgotten Woman

I wonder if you noticed
That I didn't come home today
You've taken me for granted
For so long that I doubt you did
By the time you realize
I'll be so far away from you
That you will never find me
That is, if you should even try
We have grown so far apart
We don't even know each other
If I must live with strangers
I prefer ones I don't know
At least then my heart won't yearn
For the sweet love it remembers
Knowing it is gone for good
Perhaps it will love again
As I start my life anew
In a new place with new people
One where I can live with pride
And be the woman I once was
The one I was meant to be
The one you've forgotten exists
That's the reason I left
Because I was forgetting, too

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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