Friends Or Lovers

I work by your side every day
And there's something I so want to say
I want to tell you what's in my heart
But I don't have the courage to start
Would I gain a love, or lose a friend?
And dare I risk it, your heart to win?
No risk, no gain is what I have heard
Do I take a chance, and speak the words?
If I remain silent, life goes on
But my chance for happiness is gone
If I speak and you don't feel the same
Then I'll beat myself at my own game
So here I sit in my quandary
Not knowing what the answer will be
Continue on as the best of friends
Or go for it, and see where it ends?
As I sit here in contemplation
You are approaching our work station
Hey, you're looking really nervous, too
And I'm wondering what's up with you
You fumble a bit, and then you say
"I want to tell you something today."
"I have argued with myself all night,"
"And I'm still not sure who won the fight."
"But I decided I have to know,"
"So, for better or worse, here I go."
"My feelings for you have changed and grown."
"And I want you for my very own."
"I know this must come as a surprise."
Then he noticed the tears in my eyes
Quickly I silenced him with a kiss
Though I hadn't planned it quite like this
Here at work, for anyone to see
Still, there won't be a complaint from me
"Does that answer your question?" I asked
And we both just smiled, in love at last

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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