The Final Frontier

They call it the
Final frontier
Don't look at me
I'm staying here
Who wants to go
Boldly, or not
Into deep space
No telling what
Is waiting there
For us to surf
Without invite
Onto their turf
They'd have in spades
While we're still in
The shuttle age
One laser blast
And we'd be dust
And then they'd take
The earth from us
Why aggravate
The atmosphere
If they're out there
They know we're here
Think about it
For oh so long
They've studied us
I may be wrong
But don't you think
That if that's true
They've got us pegged
So what's the use
Trying to get
The upper hand
By exploring
That brave new land
If they have now
And have had the
Knowledge needed
To sail the sea
Of outerspace
For quite some time
Don't you think we're
Sp far behind
That we'll never
Meet or surpass
Their vast knowledge
So no, I'll pass
If they come here
I'll stand my ground
Defend my home
And won't back down
But if you think
I'm going to
Look for trouble
Here's news for you
If they're out there
They're welcome to
The galaxy
And if I knew
Without a doubt
That they were real
It wouldn't change
The way I feel
Outer space is
Just not for me
I'll stay right here
Because, you see
The very thought
Of trav'ling space
Just drains the blood
Right from my face
No Starfleet ship
Will ever be
Even close to
Convincing me
Of a true need
To map the stars
Or settle on
The planet Mars
The aliens
If they exist
Don't bother us
So why insist
On invading
Their neighborhood
It couldn't come
To any good
So let's just leave
Things as they are
We keep the earth
They get the stars

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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