I Give Up

This morning as I rose from the bed
The headboard smacked me in the head
And as I stumbled through the hall
A wayward rug caused me to fall
I then crawled toward the kitchen
Just to get the coffee fixin
When it was done I poured a cup
Burnt my hand as I filled it up
As I was putting on my hose
I found a run from knee to toe
Of course, it was my only pair
So they're the ones I had to wear
Driving to work, and running late
My tire blew on the interstate
Got it fixed and went to work
Where my boss acted like a jerk
Finally made it through the day
So ready to go out and play
My date called, he had to cancel
On this day…what are the chances
So I changed into my PJs
And curled up with a bag of Lay's
To watch old movies on TV
No one around to bother me
Just as the movie reached its peak
My waterbed began to leak
I give up, this just ain't my day
I'm cold and wet, but here I'll stay

Terri Lyn Stanfield 

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