Graveyard.........Shift, that is

In the deepest, darkest part of night

When all sane people are in bed asleep

Those of us, who work the night shift

From our beds, do slowly creep

While others toil in the heat of the day We hide behind curtains, still and asleep Biding our time til the sun goes down

Our dates with destiny, then to keep

We hide in the shadows

We welcome the night

We lurk in the darkness

Allergic to light

We're different from you

Of that, have no doubt

We wait for the sunset

Then our true selves come out

Ghosts, ghouls and vampires, lovers of darkness What else could we possibly be

No normal person would work in the night time The light of day, never to see

So, next time a cop pulls you over at night Or the emergency room calls your name

Remeber the type of person you're dealing with Warped; at least slightly insane

And, be nice to us creatures of the nite Your well being, we hold in our hands

Answer our questions, be courteous, too

For, we are, yes, down to a man

Different, for sure, and sleep deprived probably Our brain waves hardly match yours

We're good at our jobs, we do them so well On our long, lonely eight hour tours

But, we think, not like you; our world's upside down Our thought patterns far from your own

Your day is our night, our night is your day All sense of real time is gone

As the sun creeps over the horizon

And, you rise to begin your day

We're snuggling under the covers

And, holding the sunlight at bay

Like Dracula inside his coffin

We cringe at the sun's cruel rays

You people are so inconsiderate

Interrupting our sleep with your days.

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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