I stand here before you
And don't know what to say
Ho do I explain it?
And make it go away
A moment of weakness?
An ill thought out plan?
Blame human nature?
I don't know if I can
I'm not going to lie
And pretend innocence
We both know I'm guilty
Of the heinous offense
Yes, I cheated on you
And I destroyed your trust
But how can I fix it?
I just know that I must
I can't live without you
And I don't want to try
Please say you forgive me
Please don't make this goodbye
If you'll give me a chance
I will swear on my life
To be true and faithful
From here on, as your wife
I messed up, I'm sorry
I mean that from my heart
And whatever it takes
Just to get a fresh start
I will do anything
You have only to ask
Just don't say it's too late
Let's leave this in the past
Please, won't you say something?
Don't just stand there like that
Tell me what you're feeling
And what point we are at
You stand there in silence
And it speaks for itself
It was too much to hope
That this would turn out well
As my heart is breaking
I walk towards the door
And just as I reach it
I hear you cross the floor
Your hand touches my arm
And you turn me around
And you look in my eyes
But you don't make a sound
Your actions speak for you
And your arms enfold me
And with much tenderness
You just tightly hold me
My burden is lifted
And my heart is so glad
As you say you love me
And that you want me back
You'll never regret it
And I swear this to you
For the rest of our lives
I will always be true

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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