From My Heart to Yours

I dedicate this to my two dear friends, Nadine and Beth.

Do you know how dear to me the two of you are

You came into my life at a time when I was ready to cut myself off

From relationships, from committment, from feeling

And, in so doing, to cut myself off from pain

But, from the very first, you reached past my defenses

And, touched my heart, in a way that few ever have

And, I know that if, God forbid, our relationship should end tomorrow

I would be the better for having known you

To have been blessed with your love, has been a balm to my soul

You have put joy back into my heart, and into my life

There are no words to truly let you know what you mean to me

None to describe how deep is my love for you

None to describe how unbreakable my commitment

None to describe how great my gratitude for letting me into your lives

And, no matter how beautifully words may be strung together

They could never speak as true, as when my heart speaks to you


Terri Lyn Stanfield

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