Heartless Liar

My heart is bleeding
My emotions raw
My dreams are shattered
And you are the cause

You promised heaven
You delivered hell
I fell for your lies
You played me so well

Your words were music
To my eager ears
You said all the things
I so longed to hear

Your arms were so warm
As they held me tight
And never before
Had it felt so right

But it's over now
You've found someone else
And she's fallen too
For your magic spell

When it suits your cause
You'll just leave her too
And then she'll be feeling
As if she's been used

Cause that's what you do
You're like a vampire
You drain one's spirit
You heartless liar

You use lonely hearts
To fulfill your needs
To get what you want
And then you just leave

All the broken lives
That you leave behind
Never even once
Cross your wicked mind

But your time's coming
And I hope I'm there
To see you get yours
You worthless player

You'll get no mercy
If justice is served
The worst they can offer
Is what you deserve

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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