I Don't

The wedding plans

Are under way

Before too long

T'will be the day

To take the vows

And cut the cake

But I don't know

Just what to make

Of all of this

It's just too much

Or maybe I'm

Just out of touch

With wedding bells

And all of this

I'm not ready

For wedded bliss

I've changed my mind

The answer's no

All of this stuff

Has got to go

Let's call it off

Let's call it quits

Because I don't

Want all of this

And I don't want

To be tied down

Yes, I'll take back

This wedding gown

And here's your ring

No hard feelings

I can't do this

With senses reeling

It's not cold feet

That I have got

It's more than that

It's just, I'm not

Ready for this

I was so wrong

Didn't mean to

String you along

But I renege

I can't go through

With this right now

And not with you

This has all been

A big mistake

So let's stop now

Before we make

It even worse

Than it is now

I just cannot

Make you those vows

Terri Lyn Stanfield



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