If I Knew

If I knew that tomorrow would never come

And today would be my last on earth

What changes would I make it my life?

Would I tell my son just how much he is loved?

Would I put my neighbor's needs before my own?

If I looked deep inside my soul?

Would I find it ready to meet its maker?

Would I find my heart full of love...or hate?

Would my conscience be clear...or clouded with guilt?

And would I have time to make everything right?

If I knew tomorrow would never come

Did I pass up too many opportunities?

To go that extra mile, or to lend a helping hand?

Did I speak too many words in anger?

Did I strike out when I should have held back?

If I examined my accomplishments?

Would I find they benefitted only me?

Or did they help humanity as well?

When all my introspection was complete

Would I be proud of my life...or ashamed?

If I knew tomorrow would never come

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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