I Think It's Love

We've reached the point
We have to choose
No turning back
Just win or lose

Do we go on?
Do we commit?
Or do we leave?
And call it quits?

We've come this far
So easily
But now it's time
To stay or flee

Is what we have
A real true love?
Is this the thing
We're dreaming of?

Or is it not
Perhaps a game
That we have found
That feels the same

Is this true love?
Or make believe?
Does it matter?
If we concede?

If we both say
That what we feel
Is honest love
That makes it real

It's come to this
Ad as for me
I think it's love
Do you agree?

And by your smile
I see you do
So let's go on
In love, us two

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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