Joined At the Heart

How did this happen, where has the time gone

Only yesterday, you were a baby in my arms

Today, when I looked at you, I saw a man

Full grown, goals set, school days behind you

Can I release you to face the world on your own

Can I face the world, without you to ground me

Have we learned enough from each other to function alone

Will we ever be, apart, as complete as we are together

You have been so much more than just my son

You've been my strength, my brother, my friend

I only hope that I have been the same for you

I know that I have, for ours has always been a two-way street

Yet, now we go our separate ways

But, our connection will never end

For, I have loved you, since before you were born

And, I'll continue to love you long after I'm gone

We will be, forever, joined at the heart

Neither of us will ever, truly, be alone

Wherever you go, I will be there with you

And, I will carry you inside of my heart

We will succeed apart, because we triumphed together

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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