Just Friends

You thought we were friends
I thought we were more
So it's not your fault
That my heart is sore

You never noticed
My feelings had grown
I never noticed
You'd none of your own

I guess I just thought
You felt the same way
I should have asked you
And saved us this day

You want to be friends
Not anything more
I don't think I can
Not just as before

My feelings are strong
And yours don't exist
And every day
I'd know what I'd missed

I'd rather say bye
And part company
Than see you each day
And be filled with need

I may lose a friend
But my heart will heal
And I will get passed
These things that I feel

So let's say goodbye
And be on our way
And perhaps we'll meet
Once again someday

When things aren't so raw
And some time has passed
And just maybe, then
I'll do as you asked

And be just your friend
Bit I can't right now
My heart is too full
There's just no way how

I bid you farewell
And wish you the best
May your dreams come true
And your life be blessed

Don't worry bout me
I will be just fine
And don't feel guilty
The mistake was mine

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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