Just A Woman


Just a woman, a female of the species, nothing more

Then, they place in your arms a small, pink bundle of humanity

And, suddenly, you're a mother

You hold in your arms the tangible evidence of love

>From that moment on, you're needed

Someone depends on you

Your heart beats in time with that of the tiny person you hold in your arms

His needs are the ones that matter

His first word is the most important one ever spoken

His first step begins a journey that will change the world

You're his fount of knowledge

His port in the storm

A thousand and one questions, and you're supposed to know the answers to all

of them

Then, all of a sudden, your baby's not a baby anymore

Your heart sinks the first time he gets on the school bus

First, it's kindergarten, then junior high, then high school

And, before you know it, he's a young man, and off to college

Then, one day he brings home a young lady for you to meet

And, you know some other woman is now number one in his life

Yet, through all the years

The ups, and the downs

The good times, and the bad

Through the friends, and the girlfriends

You're still the one he comes to when he's got a problem

You're the one he comes to when he needs a friend

He knows he can depend on you, no matter what life might bring his way

Because you're something no one else can ever be

You're his mother

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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