Let Me

I wanted to help out

But you wouldn't let me

Saying that you wanted

Only to forget me

It's true that I couldn't

Remain as your lover

But does that have to mean

We rebuff each other

I do care about you

You are special to me

We could be such great friends

If you would let it be

And now, when you're in need

Why won't you let me in

I only want to help

Don't refuse me again

I know you're still hurting

And I'm sorry for that

But I know you so well

Won't you let me be at

Your side while you need me

Let me hold to your hand

Let me take care of you

I can be a good friend

There is love between us

And there always will be

So don't turn me away

For you can count on me

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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