Life Begins

Today I watched two newborn babes

As they struggled with the newness of life One's path smoothed by his family's excited welcome The other racked with the tremors of addiction As one sleeps, peacefully, without cares or worries The other shakes, and screams with needs, not his own I know, as I watch them, the lives they will lead One cherished, loved, pampered, all right with his world The other neglected, abused, fending for himself One will grow up strong, confident, knowing his own worth The other will grow up fighting on the mean streets, just for the chance of survival

But, that is the future, today they lay here side by side Ignorant of all the things we adults are so certain make us different Knowing only the need to be loved, and cared for For today, they are just two newborn babes

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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