Life's Journey

I lived a life alone
Preferring my own company to that of others
And I liked it that way
Then along came a handsome man
Who swept me off my feet, and to the altar
And in a very sort period of time, he changed my life
First in one direction, then another
When we first learned we would be parents
I was thrilled; he was not
But I loved my child from that moment on
When he was placed in my arms for the first time
I was filled with such a profound love
The likes of which I'd thought myself incapable
His father was less thrilled, he'd wanted a girl
Two short months later, he was gone
And once again I was alone
With one wonderful difference...I had my son
And over the years I have discovered that the love
between a mother and son is like no other
He has been a wonder to me
I have been everything to him
And even if I could go back and change the past
I would change nothing
Yes, it was painful
Yes, it was hard
But I've learned from it, and I've grown
And only by traveling that path
Could I reach where I am today
And it was worth it

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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