Love Mourned

I sit here in my lonely room
Full of sadness, darkness, gloom
The world has passed me by, it seems
Stolen my youth, destroyed my dreams

When I was young, my heart aglow
I fell in love, heartache to know
I watched my love turn to another
And from the pain, thought to smother

I built around my heart a wall
Determined not to let it fall
And then Prince Charming sauntered in
And thought my heart, his own to win

But I held strong, would not concede
Never again would my heart bleed
How hard he tried, my heart to touch
My strength of will just proved too much

And so he left, in sad defeat
No more for love did he entreat
And as the months turned into years
I saw how foolish were my fears

And now I sit here, all alone
No family to call my own
With no one but myself to blame
For I'm the one who doused the flame

Of love's pure ardor, brave and true
And gave him little else to do
But walk away and leave me there
Afraid to let him know I cared

Oh yes, I have my dignity
How foolish such a thing can be
I'd rather be held in his arms
All safe, secure and free from harm

And so I sit here by myself
My hopes and dreams stored on a shelf
Gathering dust, much as I do
Knowing they will never come true

Just waiting for the end to come
Frozen in time, unfeeling...numb
I'll welcome it when it arrives
And ends this sad and wasted life

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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