Lonely Fool

I trusted you, you know
I gave you all of my heart
And I believed in you
When others talked you down
I stood in your defense
When you needed a friend
You knew I'd be there
You meant the world to me
How ironic to find
I meant nothing to you
You played me so well
I was your willing fool
But when I needed you
You couldn't be bothered
Now I have a soulmate
And you are all alone
I suppose I should care
But the truth is I don't
You hurt me too often
You hurt me too deeply
Now it's you who's in pain
And I can't help but feel
This is your destiny
To be without a friend
To be outcast by all
You've burned all your bridges
Nobody trusts you now
No one wants you around
In the circle of life
It has come down to this
That you're the lonely fool

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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