Lost Long Ago

I long to give my heart to you

But someone took it long ago

They broke it far beyond repair

Still, I just want you to know

If it were whole, and mine to give

I would place it in your hands

But the pieces are forever lost

Because of a heartless man

He took my trust and devotion

And betrayed them to the core

And though it happened long ago

I remain the same no more

I'm not wide eyed, or innocent

Not trusting, and not naive

Not able to reach out in love

And very slow to believe

He took all that I had to give

And just threw it all away

He left be but a shattered shell

And so I remain today

Only half a person, if that

Still crippled by his actions

Unable to take part in life

Immune to all attraction

Believe me, you are better off

Forgetting all about me

For though I might wish otherwise

My heart will never be free

Terri Lyn Stanfield



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