Love's Waltz

This happened when I least expected
I was not at all prepared
Still, shouldn't I be thrilled and happy
Rather than panicked and scared
Love's supposed to be a wondrous thing
Or so I have always heard
So why is it that I'm terrified
Now that my heart has been stirred
Could it be because you haven't said
The words I so long to hear
That, perhaps I'm here in love alone
Is that the cause of my fear?
You haven't given me any clue
Of what you might be feeling
Maybe you're as confused as I am
With all your senses reeling
And if that's the case, I understand
You're feeling odd and confused
But there's no hurry, let's take our time
Love is too precious to lose
We'll explore these feelings together
Until we have the answers
And when we're sure, and have no more doubts
We will join the dancers
That waltz to love's sweet orchestration
We'll dip and swirl together
And we'll lose ourselves in the music
Love's song plays on forever

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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