Lover's Game

I'm under your spell
You're under my skin
Yes, you've bewitched me
It should be a sin
The way you own me
And control my heart
I can't resist you
It tears me apart
I have no free will
Where you are concerned
You speak, I obey
My lesson's well learned
If you're unhappy
I'm mis'rable too
I'll do anything
If it pleases you
I have no pride left
And I have no shame
You are the master
In this lovers game
Whatever you want
You've only to say
I would fight dragons
So you get your way
Others may wonder
To them it may seem
I'm just being used
But this is my dream
To be lost in love
Forsaking all else
Complete devotion
My love, and myself

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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