Love's Dirge

I look at you

Across the way

And wonder how

We reached this day

Full of anger

At loggerheads

The love we felt

Completely dead

As your lawyer

Argues with mine

My mind goes back

A bit in time

To when we were

So much in love

Happy, content

And so sure of

The love we had

We knew it'd last

So how did things

Go bad so fast

We passed the point

At which we could

Repair the hurt

Love died for good

And now we're here

The court decides

Who should get what

Opposing sides

Of council state

Their layed out plan

For division

Each sure they can

Get the most for

Us, their clients

Going at it

Like mad giants

While you and I

Try not to look

At each other

Or give in to

The urge to speak

To shout, to rant

To reunite

Because we can't

The love is gone

But memories

Can make it seem

That it still breathes

But it is dead

And we are through

And our parting

Is long past due

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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