Mama Tried

Mama tried to clothe me in dresses
But I always preferred jeans
Mama tried to teach me to be lady like
But I was always the biggest tomboy
Mama tried to teach me respect
But that was always something you had to earn from me
Mama tried to teach me gentleness
But I was always rough and tumble
Mama tried to teach me diplomacy
But I always spoke my mind
Mama tried to teach me generosity
But what was mine, was mine
Mama tried so hard to raise me right
But I fought her every step of the way
And now I'm grown, and looking back
I can see what a hard time I gave her
But mama never gave up, and she loved me anyway
And though I doubt she knows it
She gave me a shining example of what a true Southern
lady should be
And at least a little of what she taught sunk in
Though I'll never be the woman my mama is
Mama tried

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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