Mirror Image

I look in the mirror
But who is it that I see
The person that I am
Or the one I want to be
Do I see the truth there
Or do I see a facade
Do I see the real me
Or an imagined mirage
Is the reflection true
Or am I just pretending
To fit in with the crowd
Masquerade neverending
I don't know anymore
Who's the real me, and who's not
I've become that person
Just another sad robot
So I look for myself
In the mirror's reflection
I'm faced with a choice
Acceptance or rejection
Acceptance of myself
Is rejection of my peers
But I'm ready for that
I have followed them for years
I'm ready to be me
And to follow my own heart
Wherever it may lead
It's time for my life to start
I don't know who I am
But it's time that I found out
To step out on my own
With confidence; not with doubt
It's scary, yes it is
And I'm sure I'll make mistakes
That's part of growing up
I'll do whatever it takes
And one day when I look
At myself in the mirror
I will see the real me
Each day it's getting clearer
And when I see me there
And my image beams with pride
I can hold my head up
And not fear to look inside
Cause what I will find there
Will have been put there by me
And not by someone else
A sight I can't wait to see

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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