Moving On

You say you're sorry
But they're only words
The look in your eyes
Belies what I've heard
You'd say anything
To get your own way
But I'm just too tired
To play this old game
I know what you want
You've come here to heal
You've had your heart broke
I know how it feels
You've done it to me
Oh, so many times
And I have let you
The blame's as much mine
I've been your haven
The place you could come
Til you felt better
Then off you would run
But not anymore
That's come to and end
You find someone else
To help your heart mend
Cause my door is closed
And my heart is too
Just once too often
I've been used by you
I'm taking a stand
I'm worth more than that
I deserve better
I'm not your doormat
You've played me too long
I let you do it
All the time hoping
I wouldn't rue it
But it never failed
T'was always the same
When your heart was whole
And feeling no pain
You'd be out the door
And I'd be alone
Nursing a heartache
Of my very own
But I've fin'ly learned
That hard taught lesson
No, never again
To be regressing
You've played with my heart
The last time you will
Cause I've had enough
Much more than my fill
The good looking man
That you surely are
Should have no trouble
Recasting my part
The ironic thing
About this whole farce
Is that I loved you
With all of my heart
If you had once stayed
Rather than leaving
I think that we'd both
Have been spared grieving
You wanted a love
To last for all time
But you didn't want
The lows with the highs
So when things got rough
You'd run back to me
And, fool that I was
I refused to see
That you just used me
To soothe your ego
Cause it's so far back
That you and me go
And as for my wants
I just wanted you
To have and to hold
Forever, us two
Yes, it's pathetic
This co-dependence
That we have built up
And so, I end it
I'm not gonna lie
I'll love you always
But this is over
And starting today
You're not welcome here
I want you to leave
And don't you come back
There'll be no reprieve
I know you're hurting
And I am sorry
But it's not for me
To have to worry
I'm going to find
Someone who loves me
For better, for worse
For eternity
What we had, we lost
It has been long gone
So this is goodbye
I am moving on

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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