Mighty Poet

by Terri Lyn Stanfield

OK Readers, this one was written with tongue completely in cheek, it's meant as a joke, so please, no one get offended. I'm am about as far from being an egotist as it's possible to get.

I dedicate this one to my friend Alex, who gave me the idea in the first place. <g>

I am a mighty poet
My words bring tears to eyes
Yes, I am quite insightful
And I'm witty and wise
My prose is very touching
My rhymes cause one to smile
I direct your emotions
And I know all the while
That I hold you in my grasp
And lead you as I will
And for the time you're reading
I tell you what to feel
The pen I wield is mighty
The words I write are strong
But there is no need to fear
I'd never steer you wrong
I know you're just my puppets
And you have no defense
Against my masterful works
Be they funny or tense
So I always keep in mind
That you are mine to mold
And I take the greatest care
So that when you behold
The works of art I produce
That you're not overwhelmed
Yes, I'm conscientous
Great poet that I am

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