My Heart Belongs To Me

For years I carried a flame

Deep inside of my heart

The heartche always present

Just tearing me apart

Each time that I would see you

Would be salt in the wound

My pain did not effect you

You've long since been immune

I've suffered and I've grieved for

Something I never had

I've mourned for a fantasy

And the pain has been bad

For though you never loved me

I did truly love you

And for all these lonely years

I have put myself through

Misery at our breakup

Holding on to the past

Needlessly hurting over

Something that couldn't last

I saw you the other day

And waited for the pain

But to my happy surprise

It simply never came

I said hi, and walked on by

Feeling so light and free

For finally, at long last

My heart belongs to me

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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