Nervous Bride

The church is bedecked with flowers
And soon the guests will arrive
It's the day ev'ry girl dreams of
Today I become a bride
I should be filled with excitement
Not with this feeling of dread
What in the world is wrong with me
In just a while I'll be wed
I'm in love with my intended
And he's so in love with me
So I should be walking on air
Not won'dring if I can flee
And yes, that's just what I'm thinking
What would the consequence be
If I just took off, and left here
But that's so selfish of me
Ev'ryone plans on being here
All of our fam'ly and friends
And so much has gone into this
There can be only one end
Though my instinct's telling me run
I'll continue on as planned
And I'll go through with this wedding
And as we dance to the band
I'll tell myself that this was right
Just as it was meant to be
Starting our life as man and wife
To live ever happily
For surely, this is just jitters
Every bride gets them, right?
Nervous bout the ceremony
And maybe, the wedding night
But I know we'll stay together
Our marriage one that will last
We will grow old with each other
Just start that wedding!

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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