Part X

The journal started about six years ago

And from the way it read, it was not the first volume I wondered where the others were

From the thickness of this one, I guessed there could be

at most, two more

This one should suffice for my needs however So, feeling like the worst kind of intruder, I began to


As the journal began, her mother had already died She and her father still mourned the loss I skimmed over much of it

Wanting not to invade her privacy any more than

absolutely necessary

There were mentions of Wilfred almost from the first


He must truly have been pursuing her all of her life Not one entry was favorable to him

But she did not seem to fear him either

As I read her words, I had the strangest feeling of


I can't quite explain it

Not as if I too had experienced these things But almost as if it was I who had written them The "voice" of her writing was my own

Though the experiences written of were hers I reached the part where her father died I intended to just skip it, as it really had no bearing

on my situation

But a word caught my eye

The word murdered

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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