Part XI

It seemed that Taryn suspected her father had been

murdered, though she had no proof

Several things had been out of the ordinary on the day

of his death

One of them alone was hardly noteworthy

But the sum of them certainly did seem suspicious Here she also posed the question that perhaps her

mother's illness had not been of natural causes Though it had not been questioned at the time Immediately following her father's death, Wilfred had


Ostensibly to offer his condolences, but she had no

doubt of his ulterior motive

She refused to see him, and sent him away Somehow I think that might not have been the wisest

course of action

Though I'd probably have done the same

She took full advantage of her ninety days of official


Remaining secluded in her chambers

Refusing all visitors

And from the quantity of writing in the journal, doing

little else but that

She poured out her pain and her anger over the loss of

her parents

And made quite the case that they had indeed been


She also wrote of plans to bring about the downfall of


If I had had any doubt as to her feelings for him They were dispelled by her writing

She truly despised him

I could literally feel her hatred of him running up and

down my spine

And somehow, I knew that I was experiencing the exact

same thing as she had as she wrote the words But I experienced something different as well A feeling of foreboding so strong it stopped the very

beating of my heart

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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