Part XV

OK, by this time I'm fully expecting to hear the Twilight

Zone theme song

Or see Mulder and Scully come busting through the door It would have been a relief really

But, as unreal as it is, this is my reality More afraid than I care to admit, I read on This passage was concerning her nemesis, Wilfred Apparently, he'd stepped up his campaign And with each refusal, was making threats that became

less and less veiled

It was at this point that I came into it She had written, "I begin to fear for Tara. Although I

cannot imagine how, I suspect Wilfred has discovered her existence. It terrifies me to even think what he and that despicable priest of his have discovered, or what they are capable of."

Have you ever had an out of body experience? That's as close as I can come to explaining what I'm

feeling at the moment

That must be someone else she is speaking of Some other Tara, surely it can't be me

If it is me, how could she know about me, but I not know

about her?

And we live on different Earths

At least in different dimensions

How could she be talking about me?

And yet, I knew she was

As I resume my reading, I feel the book fall from my

nerveless fingers after I finish her next entry "Perhaps, in the end, I will fall to Wilfred, but he

will not harm Tara. I will protect my sister at all costs!"

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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