"What?! Princess Tara?! What are you talking about?

You never told me you were a princess!"

"I never knew."

"I don't understand." He said, looking at me strangely And who could blame him

"Taryn's twin didn't die in infancy, Kalen." "Of course she did. It's a well known fact." "No, it's a cover up."

"A what? tara, are you sure you're all right?" "I'm fine, Kalen." I bent down and picked up the book "Here, see for yourself."

Kalen took the book from my hand. "This is the queen's private journal. You shouldn't be reading it." "I agree, but I needed answers, and I found them. In


"Are you saying you are the twin?!" He asked incredulously

"No, I'm not saying it, she is," and I showed him the

passages, that such a short while ago had rocked me to the depths of my being

He read them, then he read them again

"I don't know what to say. I truly had no idea, Tara, uh, My Princess."

"Now don't you start that title stuff. I was just being

sarcastic. I know you knew nothing of this. Apparently, no one does. I need to read the rest of the journal, and perhaps the volumes that preceed it. I know it's an invasion of privacy, but for whatever reason there may have been, my family, my birthright, my sister, they were all denied me, and I WILL know why!"

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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