Part II

As the light brightens the room

It is not my room it reveals

Nothing here is familiar to me

And I mean that in the truest sense

Yes, this is obviously a bed; that, a chair But like none I have seen before

The very air seems different, alive almost I slowly rise from the bed

My heart still pounding rapidly

The nightmare still very much with me

The terror still very real

Compounded now by the reality I'd woken to I look down, and realize these are not the clothes I'd worn to bed Everything was different than it had been just a few hours before A thought occurred to me, and I rushed to the nearest mirror But no, it was still my face that looked back at me I opened the closet, and it was full of clothes Though they appeared strange to me

They seemed to be the right size

I grabbed the first thing I could, and hurriedly dressed Then I walked to the door

Certain that it would be locked

But the knob turned easily in my hand

And gathering my courage, I stepped out into the hallway And determined to discover where I was..... What had happened...

I walked toward the stairs


Terri Lyn Stanfield


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