Part XX

I went to the door and called Kalen inside "Who is Agatha?" I asked

"Agatha? She was Taryn's governess. Why do you ask?" "She was more than that to Taryn. I must speak with her

as soon as possible. Where is she?"

"She lives in a cottage a ways from here. Why do you

need to see her?"

"I think she may have the answers I need. I only know

that it's imperative that I speak with her. I must go to her immediately."

"Absolutely not, Princess!"

"I told you not to call me that, and what do you mean,

absolutely not?"

"It's too dangerous. You cannot expose yourself like

that. Whoever has the queen will know you're an imposter...well, not exactly an imposter, but still they'll know you're not the queen."

"I have to go, Kalen. Taryn is depending on me." "Yes, she is, and you cannot place yourself in danger

unnecessarily. I will have Agatha brought to you." "All right, I'll stay here, but you must go get her


"No, I won't leave you to someone else's care." He saw that I was about to argue, and spoke first "This is not debatable, Princess. Tara. I will send

several of my most trusted men, but I will not leave you. This is not up for discussion. She will be safe with them."

"She'll be safe with them, but I'll only be safe with


"There is no one else who cares for your safety as I


And then, this gorgeous man blushed!

"And why is that Kalen?" I couldn't help but ask "I'm really not at liberty to say."

"Why not?"

"I am in no position to speak of such things to you, My


"Would you stop calling me that?! I'm just Tara!

That's who I was when we first met, it's who I am now."

"Whether you, or I, like it or not, Tara. You are a

princess. My princess, and there are protocols that must be followed."

"I wish I'd never told you."

"But you did. We must focus on rescuing Taryn now

anyway. I'll send my men at once."

And with that, he left, and a whole other set of

emotions washed over me

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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