Part XXV

After we'd eaten, Kalen went back to his post, guarding my door I'd asked him how long it would be before Agatha arrived He said she should be here tomorrow evening Not very long, really, but it seemed like an eternity I made myself comfortable on the bed, and picked up the journal once more I'd reached the point of her first physical injury from the dreams She'd woken in pain, her back screaming in agony There was blood on her bed covers

She made her way to the mirror, and found no injury upon inspection Until she'd turned around

Her back was covered with criss crossed welts Some of them deep, and bleeding

I sit here, feeling her pain, and I feel her terror Not the kind that came during the nightmares That had long been true

But for the very first time, she was truly afraid during her wakeful hours

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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