I read on, and I find my eyelids growing very heavy I fight the sleep, and continue reading

From that night forward, Taryn never woke without injury Some more serious than others, but always there to some degree As I read on, it is getting so hard to keep my eyes open I get a cool, wet cloth, and wash my face That helps quite a bit

I can tell by how near I am to the end of this journal, that my story isn't here

That's disappointing, of course, but right now the most important thing is getting

Taryn back

Even though her terror is literally palpable in these last pages She remains lucid and mentally stable

She was afraid, yes, but the fear never ruled her I realize that I am very proud of this woman I am proud to be her sister

And through the reading of her words, I feel as if I truly know her I have come to feel an unbreakable connection with her An unshakeable love for her, and I know she feels these things for me as well And as Tara ponders these thoughts, the sheer exhaustion of the last few days

catches up to her, and she sleeps

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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