Immediately the terrrors begin

Nameless, faceless....horrifying

The same as always, yet different

Taryn is there, sharing in her terror

They cling to each other as the nightmare gains strength Then, it's as if the terrors of the dream are stonewalled The dream is unable to intensify

Blocked by the combined strength of the two women It rams into them, trying to grow

Trying to consume them

But together, they hold strong

They can feel the fury of the dream master growing Becoming a force unto itself

Trying to tear them apart

And then the horror is there, manifest as a creation beyond description It takes hold of Taryn, and though Tara tries desperately to help her To maintain their connection

Taryn's grip loosens, and she is dragged away And Tara awakes screaming

Kalen bursts into the room, to find Tara covered in blood, and sobbing uncontrollably

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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