Kalen rushed in and gathered Tara in his arms He just held and rocked her until she was quiet When she was finally calm again, he questioned her "Tell me what happened, Tara."

"Another nightmare, but Taryn was there this time." "You dreamt of Taryn? That's not unusal considering

you've been absorbed in her journal."

She pulled away from him so that she could look into his


"No, Kalen, I didn't dream of Taryn. She was there. I

held her in my arms!"

"You mean you dreamt you did." he said, trying to


"No, it wasn't a dream, well it was, but it was real. I

held my sister in my arms, Kalen! I did!" "All right. If you're that convinced, I believe you.

Tell me what happened."

"The nightmare started out as usual, except for Taryn's

presence. Then it grew in intensity up to a point. Taryn and I managed to hold it at bay. For a while. Then this horrible....thing, appeared, and grabbed Taryn. I tried to hold onto her, but she released me, and let the thing take her. That's when I woke up." "I don't understand any of this." Kalen said, though I

could tell he believed me

I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't "Come on, Tara, let's you you cleaned up, and tend to

your wounds."

And for the first time, I noticed that I was covered in


Terri Lyn Stanfield


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