I took the two books out, and began to close the door "Don't you want to see what else is in there?" Kalen


"No, the journals are all I need."

"All right then. Let's return to your chambers so you

can start reading them."

"I think I'd like to stay here and read them." I said "You'll be more comfortable in your rooms, and safer


"You worry too much, Kalen. I'll be fine here. Now

just go take your place outside the door, and I'll start reading."

"I can't stand outside this door, Tara." "Why on earth not? One door is the same as any other." "If I stand outside this door, then it will be common

knowledge that you are inside."

"And you don't think they notice when you stand outside

my bedroom door?"

"That's just the point! I'm not outside your bedroom

door now, and no one knows where I, or you, are. If I stand outside the door, they will."

"Well, fine then. I'd rather have you inside with me

anyway. Make yourself comfortable, Kalen." He started to say something, thought better of it, and

positioned himself by the door, on the inside of the room

I settled myself in a comfortable chair, and opened the

first book

Before I'd even read the first word, the door burst

open, and a sprightly old lady rushed in, and said "Well, Tara, it's about time you've come home."

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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